What are the best veggies for cooking in autumn

What are the best veggies for cooking in autumn

The Beetroot

Poised for pulling fresh from the soil for the last two months, I’ve proudly watched my ripe, juicy beetroots growing ever larger. They are a sight to behold and I’ve only lost a few to the slugs!

I love to use them in autumn because they’re so earthy and full of vitamins A & C. The obvious thing would be to pickle them, but for me, I love to boil them, peel them, and roast them in chilli and garlic oil.

Once roasted, chop or slice them and do whatever you can dream for them, they make an excellent burger topping, or simply with a gorgeous roast dinner.

The Potato

Potatoes are another hardy vegetable. Their versatility means potatoes would never be out of place in virtually any dish. The lovely potato can be sadly overlooked as a staple of the kitchen. Especially as an autumn vegetable, the potato also has a special place in our hearts (and pallet.) The preparation possibilities are endless: mash, roast, boiled, chips, dauphinoise, bollinger, the list goes on and on.

Perfect for autumn as potato is a warming veg that fights your hunger like no other. When it’s cold and dark, a good potato soup, always fills a hole and warms the bones!

Mash is my favourite way to prep a potato; “a proper good mash” has no lumps, is extremely buttery. We love really well seasoned mash. If you have time, bollinger is always a labour of love – guaranteed to turn out amazing every time.


Kale is an incredibly nutritious veg that I’d recommend to anyone. Tossed in oil, chilli and nutritional yeast, dehydrated for a few hours, kale crisps actually make amazing crisps!

Blending kale into a raw smoothie gives a hard kick of energy. Sliced fine it’s perfect for throwing in a curry or risotto, kale always helps to liven up the colour and nutritional value – just a little chef’s tip.

Co-written with Matt Nutter

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