Spooky Halloween treats! Dairy and gelatine free.

Spooky Halloween treats! Dairy and gelatine free.

Enjoy these Halloween treats at home, impress friends and family by serving them at your Halloween party or share with trick or treaters!

Sticky Mud balls

Sticky mud balls give you free reign to use any ingredients you like – the one rule is you must get messy!

Ingredients & Method

Toss everything into a big mixture of anything and everything you have in the cupboard!  We’re using oats, chocolate, nuts and coconut.

Get creative, get messy!

Once your ingredients of choice are all mixed up in a big bowl add chocolate and a touch of coconut oil. Roll it into balls (choose whichever size you like) and chill it down.

Once refrigerated show off your mud balls and enjoy.

Ghoulish apple sweets

They’re green, they’re Halloween, they’re ghoulish apple sweets!

Ingredients & Method

Carton of apple juice (1 litre), touch of green colouring, 250g sugar and 18g pectin.

Pick your moulds: brains, eyeballs, ghostly ghouls – the scarier the better!

Boil it, blend it, and pour into moulds – let it set.

Once they’ve set and bursting with appley zing pop them out and store for when the trick or treaters come – or eat them all to yourself!

Creepy blood pie

Really get your hands into this one and make an icky, sticky mess!

Ingredients & Method

Find a big bowl, mash up 500g banana, 250g maple syrup, 1 avocado (ripe), 1 tablespoon of cacao, and 300g cocoa butter (melted).

Mash and mix it all together, slowly pour into a lined cake tin. Crush some raspberries in your hands and scatter them all around – for best results leave them to set overnight.

Wake up and have delicious blood pie for breakfast!

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Happy Halloween!

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