Hello Manchester

Hello Manchester

It’s been a hectic few weeks jam-packed with excitement and anticipation. Now, firmly re-rooted in the heart of Manchester, The Allotment swings open its doors to welcome thousands of hungry mouths.

The plant-powered restaurant has been busy kitting out it’s new home on Lloyd Street in Manchester. Matt Nutter, co-owner and award-winning head chef, has focussed on doing what he does best – culinary alchemy – whipping up brand new items for the opening night.

At the beginning of the week The Allotment gladly received a fresh, hearty batch of organic veggies. Vegetable supplier, Mark, who has been dearly missed since the move caught up with Matt, Siobhan and all his friends from The Allotment in a joyous reunion. Mark came bearing the plumpest squash in all its auburn beauty. Thai Squash Pie is a brand-new dish Matt has created for the re-opening that he says is going to be a “killer dish.”

Enthusiasm has been blooming at The Allotment as Matt has been passing on his wisdom in a training programme for his brand new team of front line chefs for the Lloyd Street restaurant. He could “see straight away how excited and enthusiastic these guys are.”

Everything really came into fruition this week when Manchester Veg People delivered a gorgeous, earthy heap of veg. The purple cauliflower gets a special spotlight for it’s feature in the Confit Aubergine starter, drizzled with peanut and rosemary oil.

The celeriac stocked in the fridge at The Allotment exudes a beautiful, organic smell that fills the fridge and greets you with a fresh mustard scent. The delicious mustard flavour shines through the main course on the taster menus.

“This is the part in which we learn, teach, train and change.”

Matt discussed how he improvised, adapted and overcame the many obstacles that arose during the relocation: “this is the part [of the process] in which we learn, teach, train and change.”

Ready and excited for the guests, the next chapter of The Allotment begins.

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