Celebrating the beginning of the Vegan Chef Institute: London

Celebrating the beginning of the Vegan Chef Institute: London

To educate and celebrate the joys of plant-based food, Day Radley – food writer and plant-based private chef, has announced she will be opening a plant-based food academy in Battersea, London. Co-owned by health coach, Chantal Di Donato, the course will train a brand new generation of front line plant based chefs.

Plant-based cooking takes a passion and finesse that has sadly gone amiss in so many UK kitchens. In order to truly showcase the power of plant-based food it has to be cooked with skill and with love, true love.  The Vegan Chef Institute will include a theatre style cooking unit to promote the transparency and highlight the finesse that translates in excellent plant-based cooking.

The course is initially structured as an intensive, fast-track vocation that runs for six-weeks and teaches eight students per semester. Each student will have the opportunity to train in an internship module, equipping them with the skills to boost them from home-cooking vegan food to becoming a qualified chef.

The innovative Vegan Chef Institute aims to educate and train people to cook, serve and indeed enjoy the very best in good food. The advancements of the workshop will be shared in a showcase, inviting family, friends and fellow vegans to dine together with the new chefs and mentors.

The UK is crying out for decent plant-based food and The Vegan Chef institute is an absolute asset to the new and exciting cuisine with the potential to show plant-sceptics the endless possibilities of amazing food.

The institute launches on World Vegan Day, November 1st and has a bright future to propel the next passionate and talented generation of vegan chefs, developing quality and delicious cuisine.

The Allotment will be open in Manchester from Friday November 2nd for preview and November 3rd for table bookings. We’d love to see you come and celebrate a belated world vegan day with us!

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