5 plant-based dishes for Bonfire Night

5 plant-based dishes for Bonfire Night

We love this time of year because it’s the perfect excuse to whip out our favourite pumpkin recipes. Check out these savoury and sweet dishes to ignite your taste buds this bonfire night.

Pumpkin Terrine

Since pumpkins are perfectly in season, let’s look to the pumpkin terrine for some mouth-wateringly sweet starters or nibbles. A delicious pumpkin and pear mixture pairs well with wholesome lentils to bring you an excellent seasonal dish this November.

Aubergine Autumn Grill

Chunky Aubergine seasoned and cooked to an art, served on a bed of mushrooms with carrots, pickled onions all mixed in with a delicious jus. Buckwheat sausage packs a punch adding an intense flavour to this fantastically filling dish.

Pumpkin Crumble

Mixed veggies cooked to perfection with plump pumpkin and big juicy sprouts as the star of the show! This is a great dish to warm you up by the crackle of the bonfire; wholesome, warm and filling.

Maple Marshmallows

Described by Matt Nutter as a “sweet and sour dish” the maple marshmallows is guaranteed to add a toasty delight to your dinner table. The xanthan gum, vanilla paste and aquafaba create a light and fluffy texture to be shared with Guy Fawkes night guests or to secretly devoured to yourself.

Cauliflower Hot Wings

This dish is the excellent dish to add that spark to your palette this bonfire night. Cauliflower Hot Wings are a signature dish at The Allotment, always available as part of the taster menu and from the bar boards. The fried delights pack a flavoursome punch that comes through the cauliflower delivering a pleasant crackle with a hint of that hot, hot heat!

If you’re cooking up your own display of plant-based and free-from foods to impress this bonfire night we’d love you to add your recipes here and tag us in your pictures on social media!

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