A farewell message from Matt Nutter: Bonus Recipe!

The Allotment, Stockport goes out with a bang and in the midst of the move, Head Chef and co-owner, Matt Nutter, sends a farewell message to friends, family and fans of The Allotment:


The final day is done. The Allotment, Stockport has officially ended.


I’d like to thank every single person that ever visited and supported us over the past 2 years,

it’s been a pleasure to cook for you, and a pleasure to meet you.


Siobhan and I have been incredibly lucky to have had the staff we’ve had over the years. We’ve gained more awards than we could have ever imagined, and to be told by The Guardian that we are number one in the country is beyond belief!


We’ve successfully completed our mission to show the world that plant based food can be loved by all and enjoyed by the masses.

There are so many individuals I’d like to thank, but if you’re reading this, you should know how much I appreciate you.

The move to Manchester is a huge step for us, and the opportunity came at the exact right time. 

This is just the beginning

To celebrate the step, I’ve given the world our Turkish delight recipe. We made this dessert just under two years ago and brought it back this weekend for a very special wedding we had at our restaurant, as requested by the bride.

The Allotment will re-open for a first-look preview on Friday 2nd November at 18-22 Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5WA and for its first day of general trade on Saturday 3rd November! Join us for a lovely evening of canapés, drinks and live entertainment on Friday November 3rd. RSVP to lianne@ledigopr.co.uk to join us!

Enjoy our Turkish Delight recipe and subscribe to our blog for The Allotment news, recipes and tips for the best plant-based cooking!

Matthew Nutter